Why choose Vietnam for your new home country?

Why choose Vietnam for your new home country?

Why choose Vietnam for your new home country?

It seems Southeast Asia is now an accepted destination for expats looking for a new experience, but what’s Vietnam got that makes it special?

For Hollywood’s finest, including movie directors as well as stars, the country’s extraordinary scenery says it all, and has been featured endless times in smash-hit movies. For those expats in more mundane occupations or searching for an ideal retirement location it’s a different story, just as successful in its own way. Recently, a major expat survey reported Vietnam as providing an affordably luxurious home from home as well as one of the healthiest cuisines on the planet.

For expat professionals looking to change locations and try a startup, Vietnam’s capital Hanoi offers opportunities not available in its neighbouring countries, and for retirees it’s an affordable option with straightforward immigration requirements unlikely to change at a moment’s notice. Politically stable in this complicated slice of the planet, the country is forging ahead economically, and tourist numbers are growing year on year, totalling six million during the first four months of 2019.

The best way for expats to find a job in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is through a contact who’s already established in the market. International Chinese and Western companies have recently been establishing regional headquarters in Vietnam and are searching for expats with relevant experience to train local staff. Tech, IT, the construction trade and tourism are the best bets, as all have a lack of skilled local workers, and the mining, manufacturing and power sectors are also happy to hire experienced expats.

For those without the relevant qualifications and experience, teaching English is an option as, unlike several other Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, the language is important for the tourism sector and for the opening of global markets for several other sectors. Job prospects in global companies can be good, but the average job search takes around three months to get a satisfactory result.

Starting the job search in the home country may not have global companies beseeching you to join them, but it does give potential expats the chance to get the feel of the market. Starting to learn the Vietnamese language before you arrive helps convince potential employers of your intentions, provided they’re impressed with your qualifications and personality.

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