Why do expatriates love Shanghai

Why do expatriates love Shanghai

Why do expatriates love Shanghai

Statistic show over 200,000 expats are now living and working in Shanghai, enjoying a lifestyle based on technology, innovation and change.

The huge city itself is a unique and diverse blend of Eastern and Western cultures, ancient history and modernity and endless business opportunities both on-and offline. Given that China is famously mysterious and its language is tough to learn, why are expats flocking there and why are they staying?

Out of all China’s mega-cities, Shanghai is and historically was the country’s business capital. In modern times, it’s the most likely place for an impressive job offer with a salary to match, dependent on the industry sector. The cost of living is still refreshingly low and the Chinese market as a whole has remained healthy whilst other major world nations have struggled with recession. For ambitious expats, leaving the West and embracing the East is a no-brainer.

Around 25 per cent of expatriates in China enjoy salaries of around $200K a year, Shanghai also offers a good range of entry-level and mid-level positions. Medium-sized businesses and start-ups are booming nowadays, giving a rich job-hunting ground for foreign professionals, and it’s also a great place for internships. The city’s economy and soaring growth allows opportunities at all levels, but would-be expats will be pleased to know it’s not just about the money.

Shanghai’s social life is unique to this unique city, from its exciting galleries, museums and exhibitions through 24/7 bars. high-end as well as bargain shopping and restaurants serving every aspect of China’s amazing cuisine. Expat lifestyles here can include learning about traditional customs such as Tai Chi, exploring ancient streets with tiny shops and the famous ‘moon gate’ entrances and dancing till dawn in the city’s endless choice of world-class clubs. Eating out can be an adventure, and even Western restaurants won’t break the bank, and the city’s tainted colonial history can be explored via walking tours. Whether you’re in the older or the newer parts of Shanghai, the ancient spirit of the city is everywhere.

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