Expats learn to love snowy winters in the Czech Republic

Expats learn to love snowy winters in the Czech Republic

Expats learn to love snowy winters in the Czech Republic

If you’re one of those rare would-be expats in love with winter and its snow-covered vistas, the Czech Republic is the perfect place.

It seems the majority of expats, whether relocating professionals, expectant entrepreneurs or retirees, count warm weather and a beachside location as perfect for their anticipated overseas lifestyles. However, for the few who’re in love with snow-covered peaks, parks and related winter sports, the Czech Republic has it all, from ski resorts to other associated activities to warming foods and drinks as well as weekend stays in charming mountain cottages.

Doing as the Czechs do during the long winter season involves embracing the cold rather than staying inside huddled in a duvet in your favourite chair. If you’ve never learned to ski, now’s the time, with fresh powder and clear blue skies making for the experience of a lifetime, even after your 100th’ fall! For those who simply can’t get the feel of traditional skiing, the cross-country version can at least get you used to using the skis. Again, falling over is obligatory for newcomers to the sport.

Of course, dressing for the cold is part off the entire experience, with weatherproof snowsuits nowhere near as boring as they sound and traditional Czech woolly hats a necessity every time you leave home. One of the joys of winter here are the cold-winter drinks containing, lemon, honey and ginger, guaranteed to warm the coldest heart as well as the extremities.

If you’re into healthy eating and have some spare time, preparing fermented foods including sauerkraut at home is best done in the summer using ultra-fresh vegetables. They’re the local answer to immune system protection in the cold season, and expats who’ve formerly craved the heat of summer will soon convert to the Czech people’s love of the winter season.

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