Cat opts to emigrate from Spain

Cat opts to emigrate from Spain

Cat opts to emigrate from Spain

A stowaway cat has arrived in the US after boarding a vessel in the Spanish port town of Algeciras.

The ginger moggie, Frederica, managed to get on board Houston-bound boat on 13 March undetected. Furthermore, she gave birth to four kittens during the journey. A crew member told his bosses that he had spotted the feline two days after departure but, despite searching the boat, they could not locate Frederica.

Then, on 17 March, the cat finally was caught during a big storm. Crew members found her trudging along the deck, drenched and noticeably weak. They next discovered her litter in a pallet of food following another search of the boat.

The friendly crew, who had no cat food, fed Frederica and her kittens fish, chicken and liver for the remainder of the voyage.

After obtaining US Customs’ permission, the cats were taken into the country. They are now at the League City Animal Shelter, with the hope being that they will be adopted by a cat-loving family.

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