One in 20 Brits plan to emigrate

One in 20 Brits plan to emigrate

One in 20 Brits plan to emigrate

Great Britain could be set to experience a mass exodus this year, with one in 20 people saying they planned to move abroad to work or study.

Almost 2.5 per cent want to relocate either permanently or temporarily this year, with the reasons for making the move varying. Some 33 per cent revealed that a better quality of life was among the main reasons behind their proposed move, while 29 per cent said a lower cost of living was key.

Twenty-seven per cent said they just wanted to experience living in a foreign country and 14 per cent were looking for higher wages. However, in positive news for the UK economy, 12 per cent said they wanted to save while living abroad and eventually wanted to move home and buy property.

At a time when exchange rates are deemed favourable, five per cent revealed that currency was a factor behind their decision, while one in six said the UK’s current political climate was a driving force.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular choices are Spain, France, the US and Australia, with those in their 50s opting for Spain as their number one destination and people in the 25-34-year-old age bracket favouring Australia. With the potential high income on offer, young Brits revealed they were keen on the Middle East for a short-term move, found Currencies Direct, while Men are twice as likely to move overseas than women.

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