Is Chinese investment immigration the next big exodus

Is Chinese investment immigration the next big exodus

Is Chinese investment immigration the next big exodus

China is now the proud possessor of over a million millionaires but, if the trend towards investment immigration continues, the number may be set to fall dramatically.

An increasing number of international migration destinations are encouraging Chinese investors by offering residency in exchange for considerable amounts of cash. Most popular at present are the USA, the UK and Australia, particularly as Canada is bucking the trend by cancelling its investment visas.

Wealthy former Chinese nationals make up 80 per cent of US-based immigrants who’ve purchased permanent residency by contributing US$1 million in exchange for a Green Card. The EB5 visa also requires immigrants to create at least 10 jobs within two years after their arrival, and investors in remoter areas can claim a 50 per cent discount on the investment itself.

Australia sells the most expensive permanent residency visas, requiring an investment of US$4.65 million. Even so, it’s perhaps the most attractive country for Chinese millionaires, as it’s considered traditional amongst Chinese to flock to the island continent.

Britain is racking up its attraction by reshaping its policies towards extremely wealthy would-be Chinese immigrants. To qualify, US$1.65 million must be invested for a period of over five years before permanent residency kicks in.

Spain is at present the bargain basement for residency visas along with the precious EU residency which allows settlement in all other EU countries. A small – in Chinese millionaire terms – property investment of US$657,000 gives the right to remain.

However, Canada is missing out on Chinese millions after cancelling its initial investor visa programme. A vast number of applications were received, and those who were successful were found to spend very little time in Canada and showed even less enthusiasm for creating jobs.

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