Kiwi lifestyle and higher wages lure highly skilled Brits

Kiwi lifestyle and higher wages lure highly skilled Brits

Kiwi lifestyle and higher wages lure highly skilled Brits

Just as figures were released showing a dramatic fall in the number of UK immigrants, more than 2,000 skilled job-seekers arrived at the first Down Under Live jobs fair in Newcastle.

The Christchurch rebuild, billed as the ‘world’s largest construction project’, is in dire need of skilled engineers, construction workers in all relevant trades and qualified, experienced supporting profession workers. The massive project loomed large at the jobs fair, along with other New Zealand sectors in need of skilled professionals.

Both long and short-term staff are needed in finance, education, the health services, engineering and agriculture, with Immigration NZ, migration specialists, headhunters and representatives of Kiwi companies were in attendance at the event to answer would-be migrants’ questions.

According to an NZ Immigration spokeswoman, the country is looking to boost the numbers of UK migrants as they are valued for their English language and similar culture as well as for their skills. Job-seekers at the exhibition told local reporters they were eager to leave in order to escape the notorious British weather and the depressing economic situation.

All were sure they would get higher wages for a similar job in New Zealand. Most were aware that, although the cost of living is higher than in the UK, salaries are also higher and tax rates are lower.

Stress reduction was another favourite reason for emigrating, with the New Zealand lifestyle seen as more relaxed and less frenetic. Several job-seekers felt that New Zealand was a better place to bring up their children, and a number had already lined up interviews with employers and were planning to travel to the country in the near future.

After its successful run in Newcastle, the jobs and migration event will head for Birmingham and Glasgow, ending its run in London. Considering the positive reaction it received in the northwest, it can expect a riotous welcome in the other three cities.

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