Italy rates highly as an expat family destination

Italy rates highly as an expat family destination

Italy rates highly as an expat family destination

If you’re planning to expatriate as a family, Italy is one of Europe’s most family-friendly destinations.

Italy’s long, impressive history, its climate and its delicious food are famous all over the world, with expat communities now formed and welcoming in all the romantic country’s larger cities. Already popular with immigrant families, the conurbations provide English language schools, bookshops, dedicated English language amenities, churches, libraries and bookshops as well as a warm welcome to newcomers and their kids.

Rome with its many embassies, international organisations and varied expat communities is easiest as regards settling in, especially for those not yet in full command of the Italian language. Many locals understand English, even if their spoken version is a little rusty, but most newly-arrived expats find the city is a good place to learn Italian in the environment rather than at a language school or via textbooks.

As regards the cost of living, most new arrivals are surprised to realise Rome is at least one third less expensive that London, although its transportation systems outside the central area don’t stack up. Schooling for expat children is provided in a range of styles from international and private schools to public schools in which at least basic Italian is essential. Overall, the Italian love of children is a strong part of the country’s appeal to expat families.

The Italian island of Sardinia is famed for its pristine seas and clean beaches and is a great place for expat parents with younger children. It’s also Italy’s sunniest and warmest region, and its stunning natural beauty is heaven for expats from more northern climes. For expat families looking for country living, the village lifestyle is found all across the island, and is welcoming to incomers and their children. Sardinia’s quality of life, clean air, quieter environment and cheaper cost of living is perfect for expats whose work can be done at home.

The urban sprawl of the southern city of Naples is a good place to land a job as well as being an exciting location for families with teenagers in tow. The expat community is mainly American and the city’s reputation for crime is overstated unless you’re a careless tourist. Common sense keeps expats and their belongings safe, just as it does in many other large European cities. Wherever expat families settle in this fascinating country, they’ll be met with friendship, help when necessary and the chance to experience the real Italian culture.

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