Half of Britons prefer emigration but cost holds them back

Half of Britons prefer emigration but cost holds them back

Half of Britons prefer emigration but cost holds them back

A recent survey indicates that almost 50 per cent of UK citizens would love the chance to emigrate, but finance, family and the hassle involved is holding them back.

Not surprisingly, after the worst winter since 1962 piled on the misery of cuts in services and rises in utility bills, most of the 49 per cent of respondents who were keen to leave gave the British weather as their main reason. Sunshine destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and the southern states of the USA were top of the poll as regards desirable locations.

However, 62 per cent said they would leave to advance their careers and get better wages, with a further 52 per cent opting for a more laid-back lifestyle with better opportunities to make new friends. Around 48 per cent felt that people were far friendlier overseas, and 39 per cent were attracted by a greater choice and affordability of activities.

Lower living costs featured strongly in the survey, with 44 per cent yearning for the chance to have more left from their salaries at the end of each month. Lower stress levels were important for 32 per cent, a less crowded environment attracted 27 per cent and a better standard of education for thier children was important for 25 per cent.

Following family members to distant shores, however, was only given as a reason for emigrating by nine per cent of those surveyed. Sadly, given the level of dissatisfaction expressed in the survey, only five per cent believed they would actually leave, with finance the main deterrent, family ties featuring with a smaller percentage and a depressing sense of inability to face the hassle also noted.

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