Gallup poll reveals hundreds of millions want to emigrate

Gallup poll reveals hundreds of millions want to emigrate

Gallup poll reveals hundreds of millions want to emigrate

The highly-respected Gallup Poll’s latest offering, a worldwide survey aimed at identifying potential migrant numbers, shows that a massive 13 per cent of the world population wants to emigrate.

Over 640 million adults are desperate to change countries to better their lives and careers, with most based in Africa and Asia and wanting to move to North America or Europe. More than 150 million would head for the USA, with 42 million favouring Canada and 45 million preferring the UK.

Large numbers would love to relocate to Australia, Saudi Arabia or France. China headed the list of disaffected nationals, followed by Nigeria, India, Bangladesh and Brazil, and the UK came 11th on the list, with three million saying they’d prefer the USA. The poll surveyed a cross-section of 450,000 people from 2009 until 2011, with the numbers representing 151 countries and 97 per cent of the global population.

Although North America was the most popular destination, not all respondents chose the USA. For example, Iranians and Pakistanis would prefer Canada, with many Iranians even choosing Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Lebanon as the easy option.

Most respondents felt they could better their lives and improve their career prospects by emigrating, with freedom of expression also a major motivator for change. A number would join friends or relatives in the new country, and many though a move would benefit their children’s education.

Together with the increasing numbers of professionals and retirees keen to leave their home countries in Europe for warmer climes, better work prospects and improved lifestyles, the survey suggests that the 21st century may see mass migrations on a scale last seen after the Ice Age.

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