Staying healthy and happy in the Netherlands

Staying healthy and happy in the Netherlands

Staying healthy and happy in the Netherlands

Arriving in a new country to take on a new job as well as a new language and new friends can be a stressful experience for first-time expats, with staying healthy an important part of your readjustment.

For expat professionals arriving in the Netherlands, the need to stay fit and healthy may not be a number one priority. However, as you settle into your new routine, it’s far too easy, as well as being a bad idea, to give up on health and fitness as a goal. The better you feel, the more effective you’ll be at work and in your personal life.

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential for personal performance in all aspects of your life. If your new home doesn’t include a comfortable mattress, you’ll need to go shopping fairly quickly to avoid endless tossings and turnings as well as infuriatingly irrational nighttime worries. Nutrition is equally important, and you’re in the right place for healthy, delicious food.

Netherlands eateries concentrate on nutritious dishes and organic delights, and fresh fruit and vegetables are easily sourced from local farmers’ markets all over the country. Farmers themselves often keep small stores selling ultra-fresh produce as well as delicious, pure honey. Staying active is good for your mind as well as your body, and finding a local gym will produce results, as will joining a local sports team or taking up horse-riding in your spare time.

Maintaining a positive mindset is another essential for making the most of your new life at work and in your spare time. The challenges of relocation come as standard wherever you are, and integrating into your local community as well as making expat friends helps with lifestyle readjustments. Living in the Netherlands can be fun as well as productive, and following the above tips will ensure you are successful in everything you do.

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