Syrian migrants arrive in Italy

Syrian migrants arrive in Italy

Syrian migrants arrive in Italy

A group of 12 Syrian asylum-seekers who plan to emigrate to northern Europe arrived in Italy after travelling first-class on a cruise ship from the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The group sought asylum in the Mediterranean country shortly after arriving in Bari on October, revealed Italian border police on Tuesday. The 12, made up of 11 men and a solitary woman between the ages of 35 and 45, were all qualified professionals such as a vet and several engineers.

When their vessel, the MSC Cruise ship, landed in Bari they went straight to the border police and requested political asylum. Although the incident occurred almost two months ago, it was only reported by Italian media on Tuesday.

The Syrians were taken to a CARA asylum seekers reception centre just outside the city to receive immigration advice. Police later revealed that they all planned on emigrating to northern Europe in order to begin new lives.

Analysts believe that the first-class journey from Istanbul might actually have cost less than it would have done to travel on ferries operated by human smugglers, who have been taking advantage of the increasingly desperate situation by charging sky-high prices. Many migrants pay these fees before boarding vessels on the Libyan coast bound for the Sicilian island of Lampedusa. However, the journey is treacherous and thousands of people have died while making it.

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