Official worldwide number of migrants swells to over 232 million

Official worldwide number of migrants swells to over 232 million

Official worldwide number of migrants swells to over 232 million

A report by the United Nations Population Division has revealed that worldwide emigration has surged to the point that over 232 million people are living outside their country of origin.

The report notes that the figure represents 3.2 per cent of the planet’s population, and is significantly higher than the year 2000 report’s figure of 175 million. It also notes that the United States is the number one destination for migrants.

In 2013, almost 66 per cent of migrants live in Europe and Asia, with Europe home to 72 million and Asia 71 million. The northern hemisphere’s developed countries hold some 136 million immigrants, with developing countries in the southern hemisphere home to 96 million.

During the past 13 years, the growth in migrants heading for southern developing nations has topped the figures for the north, a reversal from the previous survey.However, international migration is still concentrated in a small number of mostly developed countries, with half of all immigrants residing in just 10 nations.

Between 1990 and 2013, the United States accepted 23 million arrivals from all over the world, bringing its present total to 45.8 million. Russia was the second most popular country with 11 million, and Germany came third with just under 10 million.

Saudi Arabia drew just over 9 million, the UAE tied with the UK with 7.8 million arrivals during that period, followed by France and Canada with 7.3 million, Australia with 6.5 million and Spain with 6.5. Almost three quarters of all immigrants were of working age between 20 and 64, and almost 50 per cent were women.

According to a UN spokesperson, migration is crucial to reducing poverty and broadening access to resources, as well as giving more opportunity to the individuals concerned. Asia looks set to be the next immigration hotspot, with developing Southeast Asian nations expected to attract more migrants in the near future.

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