Expats seeking safe retirement havens should consider Belize

Expats seeking safe retirement havens should consider Belize

Expats seeking safe retirement havens should consider Belize

If you’re desperately searching for the perfect retirement destination outside the European Union member states, Belize might be the solution.

Finding the most suitable destination for your retirement just got harder for British would-be expats as, by the end of this year, all the doors leading to European havens may have slammed shut! The Central American country of Belize has been a favourite with US expats for some years, but don’t let that put you off, as sun is still sun, sea is still sea and the small country is far safer than most other Central American states.

Plus points include the fact that everyone speaks English, the expat community is large and welcoming and US dollars are the acceptable currency. Importantly, Belize’s cost of living is affordable, far more so than in the USA and low enough for expats with less generous pensions. Unlike many other possible retirement havens, the little country offers two ways to stay long-term, with the first operating under its Qualified Retirement Pension programme and the second giving permanent residency status.

As regards healthcare, there’s a choice between public and private, with both costing far less than in many other worldwide retirement hubs. Admittedly, there’s a limited number of private clinics accessible by expatriates, but at least the care offered is at international levels. Accommodation is easily found, whether you’re renting or buying, costs will be less than in the home country, especially in the less upscale areas.

Most importantly, you’re welcomed by the Belize government as well as by the people themselves, an important point as many other formerly popular countries are now imposing unreasonable regulations as regards finance and visas.

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