Expats find Ireland the cure for anger, stress and poor mental health

Expats find Ireland the cure for anger, stress and poor mental health

Expats find Ireland the cure for anger, stress and poor mental health

If a better quality of life is your motivation, the Republic of Ireland may be the solution.

Life, especially in the UK and USA, seems now to be confusing at best and unbearable at worst, with emigrating seemingly the only answer to more of the same post-Brexit or post-Trump chaos. Selling up and moving overseas may seem like a drastic remedy to many, especially if the chosen destination doesn’t contain English language speakers. For those seeking their native tongue, friendliness and a genuine welcome in addition to a better quality of life, the answer may be just across the Irish Sea, and it’s committed to remaining in the EU with all its advantages.

Surveys have their uses, with one recent study revealing two out of every three expats who accepted a post in the Republic of Ireland saying their quality of life had definitely improved. Importantly, mental health was also improved via the move, as over half of respondents said their stress levels and anger had decreased since they arrived. That result scored 16 per cent higher than the global average. Others made a point of confirming they felt secure and welcome from the day they moved in.

One downside was the high cost of living, with 25 per cent saying they’d less disposable income following their relocation, although the remaining 75 per cent insisted they had more and 80 per cent were actually earning more. As with a good number of recent surveys, this study seems to verify the shift towards quality of life and emotional stability as essential reasons for choosing one destination over another, even if wages are higher in an alternative location.

Nowadays, it seems career moves aren’t just all about the money, as expatriate professionals are allowing the fact there’s more to life than just work to influence their decisions. Such employees are a vital asset for multinationals, meaning considering their emotional and physical wellbeing is as important as scrutinising their qualifications and experience.

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