What’s special about Nanjing for expats fascinated with China?

What’s special about Nanjing for expats fascinated with China?

What’s special about Nanjing for expats fascinated with China?

Nanjing lures expat professionals to its slower pace of life and impressive history and culture.

In comparison with Beijing, Shanghai and the rest of China’s massive cities, the Nanjing experience is one of peaceful trade-offs between ultra-modernism and the city’s totally impressive heritage, charm and history. The city itself traces its entire history through its ancient monuments, city walls, winding alleys, Nationalist buildings and modern skyscrapers in a way not seen in other Chinese expat destinations.

For a modern, important inland river port once known as one of the Four Great Ancient Cities of China, Nanjing is unique for its impressively ancient feel, even amidst its towering 21st century skyscrapers..The city's expat community is growing fast, with many new arrivals heading either to tech companies, start-ups or to study at the university, one of the most respected in China.

The cost of living is affordable, especially when compared with that in other Chinese cities popular with expats.Renting an apartment costs over 50 per cent less than in Beijing and 65 per cent less than in Shanghai, and summers are hot and humid whilst winters are damp and cold. For expat professionals considering Nanjing as a lifestyle and working destination, getting a basic grasp of Mandarin Chinese before you arrive is almost essential.

Reading up on the local culture is also recommended, as cultural differences can lead to unintended misunderstandings at work or in your social life. One phrase you’ll wish you’d never heard is ‘this is China’. Given in explanation for everything from the almost impenetrable banking system to why the store’s out of stock of what you need, it says it all about the difference and diversity of China as against any other world destination.

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