Expats heading for China urged to get genuine documentation

Expats heading for China urged to get genuine documentation

Expats heading for China urged to get genuine documentation

Incoming expat professionals can easily be confused by China’s visa application process, ending up with dodgy visa agents.

Moving to a country with a totally unfamiliar language is quite a challenge, even for the most adventurous expat professionals, especially when getting a legal permit to stay and work. Entrepreneurs are rushing to get a foothold in this recently opened up country, but doing it legally is essential. Fortunately, the Chinese government seems to be regularly easing regulations as they see the benefits to their economy of opening up to the West.

One recent loosening of the rules affects foreign students studying at Chinese universities, who will now be able to take part-time jobs at the same time as studying for their degrees and other qualifications. The chore of job-hunting after graduation is now made easier by allowing the process to start before certificates are given out. Whenever expats choose to apply for visas, it’s necessary to understand not only the rules, but their Chinese interpretation.

Obviously, the first priority is to make sure every detail requested on the application form is 100 per cent correct and accurate. Secondly, applicants are advised to note any changes in the rules during their application period, simply in order to stay ahead of the game. New work permit protocols are put in place regularly with, for example, a change at the beginning of 2018 making it far easier for top talent to get permission to stay and work. Potential immigrants should note those without recognised qualifications and experience may well be refused at worst or, at best, have a very hard time gaining the necessary paperwork for a stay in the country.

Would-be expats applying for permits are warned to keep their eyes open for fake documents if using a Chinese immigration agent. You should make sure you’re told every fact you need to know about government rulings, social rules and how things are done in China. For example, a favourite with dodgy agents is reassuring expats they can use a business visa to stay in China. This, of course, is against Chinese law, with expats not finding out until after they’ve arrived in the country. Many expats are being tricked in this manner, ending up with incorrect paperwork and no chance of getting a visa.

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