Malta to welcome Brit expats even after no-deal Brexit

Malta to welcome Brit expats even after no-deal Brexit

Malta to welcome Brit expats even after no-deal Brexit

Is Brexit scaring British expats away from jobs in Malta?

Prior to the disastrous result of the Brexit referendum, British job-seekers had the whole of the EU to consider when deciding to pursue their careers outside the UK. Nowadays, it’s a totally different story, with positions in EU member states far harder to find and get. Would-be expatriate professionals are facing uncertainty as to location and are fearing visa issues may stop them from developing their careers.

Malta is one example of a suitable career-oriented location where the rights of Britons should end when Brexit kicks in. However, there are already some 10,000 British citizens living and working on the island, few of whom are considering leaving as a result of the referendum. Basically, the rights of Brit expats in a post-Brexit world depend on the results of negotiations between the UK government and Malta’s leaders.

The two countries have a traditionally close and long-standing relationship which will result in a fair, considered decision regarding UK expat rights in the island. One result of discussions is the generous 10-year residency permit for incomers, with expats expected to be able to integrate according to the law once Brexit is a fact of life. At present, Malta’s government is debating the provision of suitable pension and tax programmes which will benefit British expats, thus allowing those who wish to come the chance to arrive before new laws come into place.

New arrivals will be considered first as regards their rights, making it easier to adjust, and free healthcare provisions will still apply. One necessary change already agreed is the need for new arrivals to change their driving licenses once they’ve settled in. It’s expected that travel between Malta ad the UK will remain trouble-free, with only the usual six-month viability of passports being unchanged.

As regards tax residency, discussions are taking place as to certain EU programmes being made available to British expats. Even in the event of a no deal Brexit, UK expats can continue working if they’ve the latest non-EU document of residency, although actually finding a job may become more difficult. All told, Malta seems to be doing its best to accommodate British would-be expats as well as those already in residence.

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