Fewer Armenians emigrating to Russia

Fewer Armenians emigrating to Russia

Fewer Armenians emigrating to Russia

Russian restrictions have led to the number of Armenians emigrating to Russia declining in comparison with recent years, with around 200,000 Armenians seeing their applications to enter the Russian Federation rejected last year, according to demographer Ruben Yeganyan.

The demographer explained, however, that the figures were just expert evaluations and that there was no official data to confirm the numbers, but he said that there was indeed a definite fall in the flow, which he claimed was unlikely to change after Armenia joined the European Economic Union (EEU).

Yeganyan said that the sanctions against Russia would have a negative impact on migrant workers from Armenia as the majority of them were involved in the construction industry, which he pointed out would likely see a decline in jobs due to the current situation and, therefore, a drop in demand for migrant workers. He added that Russian resources do not provide the income they did in the past, so migrant workers from Armenia were left in a tough situation as the construction sector back home was “stagnant”.

Psychologist Ruben Aghzumtsyan pointed out that Armenians have a history of looking to move abroad, and not just for economic opportunities. However, he noted that there were plenty of job opportunities back home but that many didn’t want to take them as they would have to change their profession and acquire new skills.

He said that migration was resulting in some positive effects for Armenia, though, as some emigrants return home after learning of the situation in other nations was not so bright and opting to give it things a go in their homeland once more.

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