British expats mostly happy with life overseas

British expats mostly happy with life overseas

British expats mostly happy with life overseas

Although emigrating to an unfamiliar land and integrating into a different society is a stressful experience for many, most UK expats are happy with their choice.

A recent survey by Lloyds Bank reveled that almost 75 per cent of expats questioned were more than happy with their new lifestyles. The main reason was the lower cost of living and, if respondents were working, higher wages than in the UK.

Those with young families were generally happier to be able to bring up their children in their new country of residence than they would have been in the UK. According to Lloyds Bank director Richard Musty, the number of expats reporting higher salaries is on the increase, resulting in more spending money after essentials have been paid for.

The cost of living compared to regular outgoings is a major factor in calculating quality of life for foreigners in a strange land. Many key expat destinations, including the USA and several countries in southern Europe as well as Asia, are far cheaper than the UK and also feature kinder weather, another essential for quality of life.

Meanwhile, UK wages are falling well behind the cost of necessities and essential services such as power and water. The August statement from the UK Office for National Statistics showed that the average wage of £447 was at its lowest in real terms for the last 12 years, making it unsurprising that immigration figures are on the increase.

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