Which vaccinations are necessary for new expat professionals?

Which vaccinations are necessary for new expat professionals?

Which vaccinations are necessary for new expat professionals?

If you’re determined to follow your dream to that perfect new position overseas, checking vaccination requirements is the sensible option.

The last thing you’ll need shortly after your arrival in your new home is an attack by a local bug your system hasn’t encountered to date. Putting aside the very real risk of contracting covid-19, many countries in tropical zones are harbouring other unpleasant illnesses preventable by vaccination. As every long-term expats now knows, everyone’s reaction to a specific infection is individual, with vaccination the only way to ensure you stay safe.

The coronavirus is just one of a good few viral threats to human health, including the annual flu and other, far worse, infections. Planning ahead for expatriation should include checking out which vaccines are required in your new home country, and which need an annual booster to be continually effective. The World Health Organisation’s list of worldwide vaccination requirements is the best reference, especially as a number of countries refuse entry to non-vaccinated travellers.

Hepatitis A and B are common vaccinations, along with Tetanus, Rubella, Measles, Chickenpox and Meningococcal B protection. Rabies is another important jab should you be travelling to India, Africa or a number of developing Southeast Asian nations hosting large numbers of street dogs. If you’re still confused as to which vaccination is essential for you, heading to the European Centre for Disease Control’s online tool will provide the answers.

Getting the majority of necessary vaccinations whilst still in your home country is the best idea, as any questions you may have will be fully understood by your physician, as will his or her replies. If you’re planning to leave sooner rather than later, keeping up to date as regards the development of a safe, affordable covid-19 vaccination is as essential as is following your new country’s rules as regards staying safe.

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