Frankfurt as a destination for expat professionals

Frankfurt as a destination for expat professionals

Frankfurt as a destination for expat professionals

If you’re still planning to emigrate after the pandemic dies down, the German city of Frankfurt offers opportunities for expat professionals.

In many would-be expats’ minds, the major German cities tend towards strict rules, regulations, stiff upper lips and a language that’s impractical as well as almost impossible to learn. As regards Frankfurt am Maine, they couldn’t be more wrong, with the possible exception of the German language! Known as a major European financial hub, the city’s reality is a mix of serenity and fun in one fascinating location.

As with the vast majority of other European cities favoured by expat professionals, finding suitable accommodation can be stressful but Frankfurt offers a good choice of neighbourhoods, with rentals dependent on the distance from the city centre’s soaring skyscrapers and historic remnants of a very different world. WestEnd is the all-time favourite with wealthier folks due to its upscale choice of bars and restaurants, with Ostend a slightly less expensive hub for its culture.

For expat professionals on reassignment, travel around the country is straightforward and well-supplied with options including air and fast trains. However, for those keen to own their own cars, driving in Frankfurt is stressful and finding a parking place is a nightmare, but the city’s public transport includes subways, trams and buses, is easy to use and is the preferred option.

For expats with families, bilingual education can be had in a number of well-recommended schools in both the public and private sectors. Some schools offer pre-school, elementary and secondary education via the Cambridge International Curriculum, and others offer tri-lingual education from kindergarten upwards. For parents as well as children, there are many options for walking and cycling as well as skating in winter. Sunny days on the riverside are favourites, and the city’s excellent museums include exhibitions of modern art, architecture and even the history of film.

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