Amsterdam celebrates its expat tech entrepreneurs

Amsterdam celebrates its expat tech entrepreneurs

Amsterdam celebrates its expat tech entrepreneurs

Why is Amsterdam such an irresistible destination for entrepreneurs and major tech talent?

Amsterdam’s magnificent history as the home port for several hundred years of exploring and trading in the Far East is well known, and the riches garnered by its efforts are legendary. This trading gene is still rooted in the city’s present-day citizens, and is one reason why expat entrepreneurs are encouraged and made more than welcome.

There are also many practical reasons why the city is a magnet for expat talent, the most important of which is that 90 per cent of the population are fluent in the English language. Compared with a number of other European cities, Amsterdam is relatively affordable, and the Brexit impact is now contributing to the city’s increased success as an international financial hub by welcoming companies leaving London due to continuing uncertainty.

The city has been home to a good selection of multinationals for some time, with e-commerce at the heart of its success. New businesses in the sector are encouraged by the easing of tax laws, specific entrepreneurial visas and the genuine welcome given by both the city’s leaders and the general public. From banks and investment firms to robotics and other innovative tech sectors, this city is at the heart of the 21st century tech revolution set to change the world.

The human side of tech is due to be celebrated in the city on March 5 at the Moonshot Fest 2020. Visitors will get a chance to meet and talk with top entrepreneurs in the sector, with the impetus focusing on exchanging ideas and dreams with those who’re now realising their own, thanks to the help offered by the city’s government. For anyone, expat or local, who doubts that tech now rules the world, a visit to this event is a must.

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