Portugal voted best of the rest for expat retirees

Portugal voted best of the rest for expat retirees

Portugal voted best of the rest for expat retirees

It’s official – Portugal is the best retirement destination in 2020.

The country’s warm, pleasant climate, affordably low cost of living and excellent healthcare system are the three advantages which catapulted Portugal to the top position in International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index. Beating off Panama in second place, Costa Rica and Mexico in third and fourth places and former favourite Spain in eighth position, this lesser-known European destination offers a mix of beaches, museums, ancient ruins, golf courses and a reputation for safety and security.

Nowadays, safety and security is higher than ever before on would-be expat retirees’ lists of preferred destinations. As the world becomes more dangerous, whether from global warming, terrorist attacks, ongoing protests or ill-though out political decisions, retirees need to know they can live their lives without having to deal with the above on a regular basis. Portugal’s third position in last year’s Global Peace Index gives the reassurance necessary for even the most nervous new arrivals.

Genuine friendships are another necessity for the majority of retirees, with Portugal scoring again for its welcome to incomers from across the world. For some years, it’s been a well-kept secret amongst Britons looking to retire overseas, but it’s now attracting incomers from the USA and other European countries. Even if the move is made for work purposes, the slower lifestyle is a strong attraction for those slaving at the office on 12 hour days. Here, the work culture blends with the social culture, thus allowing expats to find time for regular get-togethers with new friends.

All in all, Portugal deserves its new-found crown as best retirement destination, and it’s also a great place for expat professionals seeking a more enjoyable lifestyle.

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