Where are the best world destinations for expat retirement

Where are the best world destinations for expat retirement

Where are the best world destinations for expat retirement

The most important aspects of the decision to retire overseas are easily found online.

General surveys rating the entire world’s expat destinations for those looking to further their careers or increase their bank balances don’t always help those looking for a safe, affordable and friendly retirement destination. As retiring overseas becomes ever more popular, a listing which ticks all the average expat retiree’s boxes is a great help. One such is International Living’s Global Retirement Index, which covers all the essentials and allows would-be expat retirees to make a relatively informed choice.

The study’s ten categories start with housing, including not just average house prices but also property taxes, building licenses and any local restrictions on expatriate property ownership. It also covers the investment potential of popular destinations as well as the crucial aspects of visas and permanent residency. Costs of living, healthcare and even ease and speed of internet access are useful extras, as is an assessment of climate as well as levels of bureaucracy and support for small businesses.

Vietnam, in at number 10, is getting a huge amount of publicity as regards its attraction to all types of expat, not just for retirees. Digital nomads, English teachers, small business entrepreneurs and suchlike are flocking to the country for its low cost of living and exotic charm. France comes in at ninth place, although for less than wealthy expat retirees it’s a relatively expensive option. Spain is already a favourite for its warm weather, its friendly, long-established expat communities and its excellent, affordable healthcare.

Exotic Malaysia is a favourite for ease of entry and a great choice of location within the country, and Ecuador is already a firm favourite with expat retirees from the US of A. Columbia, rated at fifth, is lesser known amongst European expat retirees, but does very well on climate, cost of living and healthcare. Again mostly aimed at USA retirees, Mexico is traditionally the first port of call for expat life due to the ease of popping back into the home country for a visit.

For European expat pensioners, Costa Rica might be seen as somewhat of a challenge, but its healthcare is excellent and its climate is good. For another destination with first-class, affordable healthcare, Panama is a good choice and comes second in the listings, but top of the list is Portugal, already a longtime favourite with British retirees and now becoming equally popular with international expats. For healthcare it’s the best, and its cost of living is affordable on a basic pension.

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