What do expat professionas hate about working in Japan?

What do expat professionas hate about working in Japan?

What do expat professionas hate about working in Japan?

What do Western expats really think about the Japanese workpace ethic?

For many expats, Japan is a land of wonder filled with a unique, iconic history as well as amazing food and a fantastic nightlife. For others, it’s hard work and the language is hell. However, nowhere’s perfect, and the country still has its attractions for a huge number of professionals holding down jobs in the massive cities. However, what they really think of their lifestyles in this amazing country might rattle a few Japanese cages!

The first expat gripe strikes hard on a traditional aspect of working in Japan – the regular drinking parties. According to many expat employees, these do happen in Europe as well, but the Japanese versions are all company-related and make it tricky to separate work from family life. Even although they’re a strong part of the corporate identity, Westerners often don’t see the significance of drinking parties as a genuine work even event in which power dynamics play a major part.

Another irritant for expat professionals in Japan is the necessity of working on Christmas Day, especially as nearby countries including South Korea all give time off for the Christian festival. New Year is another matter, and is celebrated along with the rest of the working world.

Almost all Western expats working in Japan believe Japanese employees work too hard and are expected to work overtime without any extra payment. It’s true that ‘salarymen’, as Japanese employees are referred to, work very long hours and often until late at night, but it’s expected and is regarded as the norm.

Another irritant for Western expats is the fact that managers simply don’t listen to their subordinates, even when there’s an issue which needs to be discussed. Again, this is traditional, as is the strict attention to old customs and rules which expats feel have no place in Japan’s ultra-modern world. For example, it’s almost unheard of for an employee to speak up against the boss!

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