New expat retirement survey sees Spain take top spot

Posted on 1 Nov at 6 PM in Spain
Story link: New expat retirement survey sees Spain take top spot
New expat retirement survey sees Spain take top spot

New expat retirement survey sees Spain take top spot

Finding the best European destination for a settled, affordable retirement may be a futile exercise should Brexit happen, but there’s still hope.

For those still living in a dream world and hoping against hope it’ll become reality when common sense prevails, the latest survey gives an obvious winner and some interesting alternatives. It’s no surprise Spain topped a poll based on the cost of living, low crime rates, property prices, life expectancy and the average age of populations, nor will the study raise many eyebrows with the UK’s 17th place out of the 45 countries surveyed. B

Britain’s mediocre scores on the categories above sent the country as a retirement destination crashing out of any chance of being listed in the top 10, with Spain’s climate, lower living costs and house prices all contributing to its success. Finland came in at second place, even although it’s not exactly famous as a retirement haven. Italy in third place was understandable, but Slovenia in fourth place seems little known to Brits looking to retire overseas.

In spite of its high living costs, Switzerland also did well in the survey, along with the Czech Republic and Poland. Germany managed to secure seventh place with Greece close behind, but Norway only made it to 23rd, two spots higher than France. Unsurprisingly, Azerbaijan secured the bottom slot, with many expats wondering why it was there at all!

Oddly, weather wasn’t one of the criteria on which ratings were based – perhaps fortunately for the UK as its position might have been far lower. Given this year’s dramatic, destructive summer storms in Spain, the country might have missed the top spot had weather been included. As to age of population, Switzerland seems to have Europe’s highest life expectancy rates at 83 years on average, as against the UK’s 81 years but, at least for the average British retiree, Spain’s appeal wins out every time.

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