Opportunities in Europe for expat professionals

Posted on 22 Oct at 6 PM in Europe News
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Opportunities in Europe for expat professionals

Opportunities in Europe for expat professionals

Even although Brexit is about to pounce on British expat dreams, it’s still possible to find a good job in Europe.

For many would-be expatriates, working in Europe is a dream come true, but most don’t realise it’s essential to have a job to go to and will be even more tricky should Brexit finally shut the EU’s borders to talented Brits. Europe’s jobs market has always been competitive, and will be even more so should Johnson finally get his way. Prospects and marketable skills are the ‘get out of jail free’ cards for those who believe Britain’s economy is hanging in the balance, and now is the time to find out whether what you have what’s needed.

Certain careers make it easier for would-be expatriates to find the right position, with teaching English one of the least complicated, provided the right qualifications and experience are demonstrated. Native English-speakers are ahead on points, especially if they’ve gone to the trouble of getting a TEFL qualification as well as having the right degrees and several years’ teaching experience. Those who’re relatively fluent or even bilingual in French, German, Russian or Spanish will be ahead on points as regards the selection process.

A degree in computer science opens doors all across Europe, as well as across the entire world but, for those determined to stay in Europe, Germany is a good place to start the search for the perfect job. You’ll need an advanced tech degree and a good few years of experience, but the rewards are commensurate with the qualifications. At the other end of the tech spectrum, digital nomads used to roam Europe to their hearts’ content but, post Brexit, roaming Asia will be far easier.

The healthcare industry is always looking for new talent in a number of sectors, from hands-on medical professional jobs to the technical aspects of modern healthcare. Using a specialist agency is the easiest way to find a suitable position anywhere in Europe. For those with experience and a degree in engineering, Europe’s doors are always open, especially in or near major cities. From structural to chemical engineering, opportunities are out there and easy to find.

Digital marketing is now the go-to expatriate job for those with less specific skills, thus lending itself perfectly to the digital nomad lifestyle. Everywhere can become home for a while, provided its internet signal is suitable, and seeing the world through a different eye-glass opens it up in unusual ways. A laptop, online bank and the ability to determine what’s hot and what’s not are the essentials, making this the perfect job for younger expats with the desire to see the world as it really is.

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