Choosing South Africa as your expat destination

Choosing South Africa as your expat destination

Choosing South Africa as your expat destination

Apart from South Africa’s undeniably stunning natural beauty, what else is there for expat professionals and how easy is it to settle in?

Many expats who accept a move to South Africa do so because they need a relaxed style of outdoor life in one of the world’s most stunning locations. The country is all about wildlife, white sand beaches with endless surf, vast vineyards and soaring mountains. It's also cosmopolitan, with expat communities representing people from all over the globe and the cost of living is acceptably low, allowing money to stretch further than in Europe or the USA.

South Africa's population is a huge mix of 47 million humans with diverse beliefs, languages and cultures, with the majority being of black African origin. Often regarded as generally unsafe due to a combination of poverty and crime, areas where expats gather arenow welcoming and friendly, although care should be taken in certain districts in the major cities. Expats on reassignment or relocation should expect good salaries able to provide a high standard of living including domestic help if required.

Due to the state's Affirmative Action policy, new expat arrivals looking to find jobs may have a hard time as people of colour, women and the disabled are legally prioritised in the jobs market. However, certain areas still require specific qualifications and experience in skills still in strong demand, making finding jobs far easier.

As regards the practicalities of living in South Africa, treatment in state hospitals is chargeable, dependent on patients’ salaries and numbers of dependents. One new experience will be the ‘car guards’ found on city streets, wearing an 'official' badge entitling them to look after your vehicle whilst you’re away. A small tip is common practice, as these guys provide a necessary service!

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