Living the expat life in Mediterranean Turkey

Posted on 12 Jun at 6 PM in Relocation
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Living the expat life in Mediterranean Turkey

Living the expat life in Mediterranean Turkey

Living the Mediterranean lifestyle in Turkey is a new idea for would-be expats.

Turkey and its favourite Mediterranean resort of Kalkan may not be as well-known as an expat haven as similar resorts in Spain, Italy and France, but the lifestyle is just as relaxing and more peaceful. The established international expat community may be smaller than those in the Costa del Sol or in Ankara or Turkey’s capital Istanbul, but those who’ve arrived and settled down are living the Mediterranean lifestyle to the full and loving every minute.

Kalkan first became popular as a hub for sailing, attracting visitors from across the glove, some of whom liked what they saw so much they moved in and settled down. The community is welcoming and supportive, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere making it easy to meet new friends, and the town itself doesn’t forget its fishing village roots now set amongst its new, multicultural population. Many of the local people have learned English due to their jobs in the real estate and tourism sectors, a cause of much relief for potential expats scared by the very thought of a language barrier.

Hot summers and cool winters are perfect for retirees from colder climes as well as from the UK’s unrelenting drizzle and rain. Landscapes are spectacular, as are the sea views and the countryside backing the attractive town, and the summer heat in July and August is regularly refreshed by constant cool ocean breezes. Another advantage of this town is that tall, high-rise developments are now banned, thus preserving its atmosphere of laid-back, unpretentious life.

Due to the town’s reputation as a sailing hub, the construction industry is committed to quality, unlike that in various other Turkish resorts, giving expats who purchase homes a sense of security as to the build itself. Both luxury and budget apartments and condos are available, and there’s no such thing as an expat area as all nationalities integrate and live side by side. Public transportation runs to other coastal towns, and the charming old part of town is crammed with good restaurants, shops, markets and banks. All told, Kalkan is the perfect solution for those wishing to avoid the ‘little Britain’ scenario.

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