Survey shows UK expat millennials far more practical than their predecessors

Survey shows UK expat millennials far more practical than their predecessors

Survey shows UK expat millennials far more practical than their predecessors

According to a recent survey, as much as two-thirds of the UK’s millennial population is planning to move overseas at some point in their chosen careers.

Over half of this number are expecting to move to a new destination more than once, quoting pragmatic reasons such as quality of life rather than emotional reactions for their lifestyle plans. Other surveys of older expats have reported permanent rather than temporary moves to a particular country, but millennials are sure they’ll move more than once in their search for career success. Other reasons for emigrating included following a dream, but only 12 per cent of those surveyed cited career progression as a good reason for multiple moves.

For UK millennials, Europe is the number one choice, followed by former UK colonies Australia and New Zealand. Europe, they believe, is the cheapest destination, with almost half stating a move to Europe is far easier than moving across the world. Also, 25 per cent rated Europe as more friendly towards UK expats than any other world region, with over 30 per cent believing it’s the safest destination in these troubled times. In contrast, only 13 per cent believe the USA is the best location for safety and security, with over half the UK millennials surveyed saying they'd avoid the USA like the plague due to its high incidence of gun crime.

On the whole, British millenials seem comfortable with the prospect of leaving the UK and taking up work in a foreign land. Half of respondents said they’d have no problem with integrating into an unfamiliar society, although the retirees in the survey showed more caution. Millennials, it seems, are more pragmatic about fitting in and getting things done, citing apps, online research and local advice as the way to solve most problems. As regards essential information such as hospitals’ and emergency services’ contact numbers, millennials are fully aware of their importance, much more so than finding the best restaurant or bar in their area.

As with all other age groups, millennials have their problems when emigrating to an unfamiliar land, with the biggest concern the finding of a suitable job, getting a work permit and a long-stay visa, all of which need the help of employers, visa specialists and other support functionaries. The results of the survey suggest millennials have a far more pragmatic approach to expatriation than their predecessors, but this doesn’t mean support shouldn’t be available from employers and authorities when needed. Following a dream may be the way to go, but even dreams can turn to nightmares needing professional help.

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