Prague now number one world city for expat students

Posted on 30 Apr at 6 PM in Europe News
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Prague now number one world city for expat students

Prague now number one world city for expat students

Whilst Prague is better known for its vibrant expat start-up communities and entrepreneurs, it’s also the world’s best city for expatriate university students.

A recent survey by AppJobs, an online website and app dedicated to helping newly-arrived expat students find part-time jobs, has placed Prague at the top of the list for those planning to study at one of the city’s universities. The survey results took into account student responses to five criteria – the cost of rental accommodation, the number of available part time jobs, the number of cultural events and concerts and, of course, the price of a beer.
Putting first things first, it seems a beer in Prague is the cheapest anywhere in the EU!

Rentals in the city, although comparatively pricey, were cheap in comparison with other popular university cities including London, Hong Kong and Paris, with only Taipei charging less per month. The city is home to three top-rated universities, and monthly events and concerts came in at 131, thus leaving enough time for other activities and even a few evenings spent studying.

The one surprise noted by the survey was that part-time jobs for expat students are thin on the ground due to the Czech Republic’s low employment rate, a record for the country. However, the 151 available part time jobs noted in the survey were actually featured in the AppJobs app, but the Prague economy is such that there are a record number of job vacancies in the city, including part time positions suitable for students. One thing’s for certain – should Prague not suit a good number of expat students for whatever reasons, runners up in the survey such as Moscow and Manchester should welcome them with open arms.

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