Vietnam becoming ever more popular as an expat hub

Vietnam becoming ever more popular as an expat hub

Vietnam becoming ever more popular as an expat hub

Expats are flocking to Vietnam as its reputation soars.

Vietnam’s progress over the past decade is impressive, to say the least, and the formerly war-torn country is showing no signs of slowing down. Of course, it’s not perfect, but it’s now on track to achieve economic growth of six per cent in 2019, aided by foreign investment in manufacturing for export. It’s odd to remember the country is being run by a Communist government, as are a good number of its sizeable manufacturing companies. In addition, it’s aiming at a massive privatisation programme, although there are doubts as to whether this is feasible at present.

Vietnam’s tourism industry is now highly successful, with 2018’s 15 million foreign visitors boosting the country’s faith in international tourism as a source of revenue and confirming the success of its overseas marketing strategy. The sector is focusing on the quality of the tourist experience as backed by its providers’ code of conduct, and is aiming at revenue totalling 26 billion USD in 2019. Its neighbour Thailand, formerly a favourite with overseas visitors, recently celebrated the arrival of its 10 millionth tourist, with its figures reputed to include domestic tourism as well.

Due to the country’s meteoric rise to the top ten expat destinations listings, would-be expats are choosing it as the right place for startups and entrepreneurial businesses. The cost of living is amazingly inexpensive, and Vietnam itself is a treasure trove of culture and historical sites. The cuisine is healthy, reliant on fresh vegetables without being over-spicy, and the weather is warm year-round. For expats wishing to relocate to Ho Chi Minh City, job opportunities are plentiful although it’s necessary to understand the defined hierarchal structure of companies and the respect which is the right of CEOs and executives, plus the fact that decisions are invariably made at the top.

Nowadays there’s an impressive expat community in the capital as well as smaller versions in other cities. Networking is easy and online forums are able to answer most if not all new arrivals’ questions. Apartments and villas are plentiful, and transportation is cheap and reliable, International schools, banking and healthcare are easily accessed, and Vietnam is now regarded as a gateway to China, South Korea and Japan as well as the rest of Southeast Asia.

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