Cultured expat retirement living at a reasonable cost

Cultured expat retirement living at a reasonable cost

Cultured expat retirement living at a reasonable cost

Nowadays, sun, sea and sand aren’t always enough for expat retirees keen on culture, the arts and fine dining.

The finer things in expat lives often can’t be found in traditionally popular overseas retirement destinations, at least not at an affordable price. Fine dining, a regular parade of arts and culture events and a sophisticated lifestyle are the new requirements, but all these in high-cost destinations are often aimed exclusively at the seriously rich. However, for retirees who appreciate the finer things in life but haven’t just won the Euro-lottery, there are a few alternatives which stand a good chance of making dreams come true.

Spain is known for its beach towns, especially with Britons who can’t live without fish ‘n chips, fried breakfasts and gallons of British beer, but its second city, Barcelona, is the perfect place for the affordable finer things in life. Historic buildings blend with modernist designs by famous, innovative architects, and classical music, theatre and the arts in general are celebrated by locals and the expat community alike. Countless museums, regular concerts, art exhibitions and more delight every resident, and the best news of all is that it’s an affordable place to enjoy the freedom of retirement.

France is famous for its sophisticated lifestyle as well as its history and art, and French cuisine with its accompanying fine wines is the envy of the world. The country’s Mediterranean coastline is a magnet for the rich and famous, all of whom can afford to play to their hearts’ content. For the affordable version of all these delights, Toulon is the place, set along the coastline and crammed with charming cobbled streets, pretty buildings, cafes and restaurants. The arts scene is thriving, with many festivals and concerts held along the beach itself. Provence is unique for its culture and history, and one-bedroomed rentals in Toulon can be had for around £500 a month.

For a totally different, decidedly exotic retirement experience, George Town on Malaysia’s tropical island of Penang is the perfect destination for adventurous expat retirees. Jungles, pristine natural beauty and unique arts and culture are just a few of the pleasures, set in or close by a town redolent with architecture from its former British protectorate era. English is widely spoken, and the region is multicultural and peaceful. Its street food scene is regarded as one of the world’s best and is incredibly cheap, and the arts scene is vibrant and varied. There’s an established expatriate community, and a couple could live well on around £1,000 a month.

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