Australia ideal for expat integration

Australia ideal for expat integration

Australia ideal for expat integration

Australia has been named as the perfect place to integrate as an expat due to reasons such as likely benefits migrants can enjoy when settle in the country.

According to recent data compiled by expat forum Interdean, Australia has more British expats than any other country in the world, with roughly 1.1 million UK-born people living there. New Zealand comes in second place, but there are less than half (483,000) British-born migrants living there.

The survey noted that many migrants had moved to Australia many years ago, so had had time to fully immerse themselves as part of society. Each resident stayed Down Under for an average of 20 years, which indicated how satisfied they were with the quality of life Australia offered them. Meanwhile, among the population who have emigrated from other European countries, the average length of stay was more than 40 years.

The city with the highest population of migrants born abroad is Sydney, with business and educational opportunities on offer key factors.
Interdean pointed out that for many potential expats, one of the key things to consider was how easy it was to integrate into a new society. It explained that as Australia had been established as a popular expat destination for generations, the country is ideally suited to people from all over the world.

It went on to say that the results clearly showed that Australia remained as popular as it always had been among expats and had the infrastructure needed to support migrants of all ages.

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