Brit expat boom turns sour as 33 per cent head home

Brit expat boom turns sour as 33 per cent head home

Brit expat boom turns sour as 33 per cent head home

Perhaps the miserable, freezing weather last winter was responsible for the recently-reported rise in visa applications, but living the expat dream has soured for over a third of migrants.

A recent survey by an immigration and relocation specialist company has revealed that 33 per cent of British migrants heading for a new life return to take on their old life as best they can. The report coincided with the release of figures showing that the company, Global Visas, has handled over 25,000 more visa requests to date in 2013 than it handled in 2012.

Predictably, one of the main reasons for leaving was the ever-worsening British weather, especially evident during the winter months and this year’s bitterly cold spring. Most migrants are heading for kinder climes either in the Mediterranean basin or across the world in Australia or Southeast Asia.

According to Global Visa’s sales and marketing director Gary Smith, a lack of career opportunities or even basic jobs is another reason for the notable increase in those leaving. Canada, not exactly known for its warm winters, was a popular destination for 27 per cent of would-be migrants, spurred on by changes in the country’s skilled visa category.

Over a fifth of those leaving were heading for Australia, as much for the more laid-back lifestyle as for the chance of a job with a higher wage. However, the survey also revealed the truism that the grass is always greener, at least for the 33 per cent of migrants who’ve returned home.

Financial difficulties were cited as the main reason by 62 per cent of the 1,246 expats polled, with homesickness coming in at second place with 47 per cent and cultural differences third with 44 per cent. Lack of social interaction and visa problems were cited by 27 per cent and 39 per cent respectively, with the bulk of respondents returning from Spain, Greece and France.

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