Forbes study reveals top expat retirement destinations

Forbes study reveals top expat retirement destinations

Forbes study reveals top expat retirement destinations

Forbes, famous for its ‘rich list’, has released its latest offering, which may well give potential expat retirees the information they need to make 2013 their ‘get-up-and-go year.

The Forbes 15 Best Retirement Havens are, as might be expected, slanted towards wealthier retirees, and includes a tax haven or two in its listings. In its favour, the study first points outs that living abroad is vastly different than just visiting, and suggests that would-be expat retirees consider health care, visa requirements and safety as well as the cost of living and the weather.

The top destination is Australia, with the advantage that older retirees won’t have to struggle with a new language, with Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth highly rated in Mercer’s livable city rankings. Vienna is next on the list for its lower cost of living than London or Paris and its closeness to Alpine ski resorts.

Belgium is praised for its short travel times to London, and anyone who’s followed the news will now know that Gerard Depardieu agrees with Forbes as he’s just moved there to avoid soaring French taxes. Another tax avoidance haven, Belize, is next on the list and is also rated for its beaches and tropical topography.

Retirees from the US should head for Ecuador for its low cost of living and small-town vibes, although learning Spanish may be a trial. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer 2012 survey, France is everyone’s favourite, with the Dordogne popular with Brit expats for its reasonably-priced real estate.

Other recommended retirement heavens are Ireland and Spain, both of which are bargain basements for property, and Singapore is mentioned for its Southeast Asian connections and its Mercer’s listing as top Asian city for wealthy retirees.Thailand’s Chiang Mai hits in at no.11, with slightly inaccurate praise for its ‘inexpensive’ medical care, and other enticing destinations include Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Italy and India.

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