Where to go to fulfil your post-pandemic expat ambitions

Where to go to fulfil your post-pandemic expat ambitions

Where to go to fulfil your post-pandemic expat ambitions

If this was the year in which you were set to move overseas, at least until the coronavirus pandemic kicked in, what’s your plan right now?

One thing’s for sure, the covid-19 world crisis has kicked many thousands of expats’ plans for 2020 right out of the ballpark, leaving them wondering where and when they can begin their new lives overseas. Even getting a flight to your chosen destination is hardly possible, and health risks as well as unreasonable or expensive entry requirements in many countries are conspiring against any new moves being made.

Whatever your reason for emigration, be it a career move, studying abroad or a well-earned retirement in the sun, travel restrictions and the fear of succumbing to infection are conspiring to keep expats exactly where they don’t want to be. For those looking to improve their resumes by working overseas, the upcoming global financial crisis is another hurdle to overcome, with expat professionals now being advised to wait for a later date without actually giving up on their ambitions.

Researching the day-to-day economic performance of your preferred location will at least keep you up with emerging trends, with Japan, Australia and Germany well placed as regards stability and the creation of new jobs. Borders are closed as yet and are likely to remain so for some months, thus giving time to research into companies which might prove suitable for your ambitions. Sectors likely to recover quickly include tech, education, leisure and sport, and sending a spontaneous job application might well impress.

Another way to keep busy whilst the world staggers back to something resembling the norm is to volunteer, with humanitarian opportunities now available all year in various countries including Peru, Costa Rica and a number of African states. If you’re looking to raise your earnings potential, Switzerland is the place, with present-day salaries now at 33 per cent over the global average.

If an exceptional quality of life is your goal, the Scandinavian countries are the best for excellent healthcare provision, high wages and an impressive work/life balance.

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