Making the best of the bad times as an expat entrepreneur

Making the best of the bad times as an expat entrepreneur

Making the best of the bad times as an expat entrepreneur

For newly arrived expats hoping to kick-start their careers overseas, the pandemic isn’t the kiss of death for your hopes and dreams.

With progress being made in controlling the corolavirus in many countries, normal life is expected to be reintroduced fairly soon. However, according to the experts, there isn’t a ‘normal’ any more, with life under a world-wide recession expected to bring its own challenges. For expat professionals, one way forward is to concentrate on staying on top of your career.

It’s possible that connections will become the new currency in a way not seen before, with the doors thus opened leading to new opportunities, extra knowledge and, importantly, new friendships. Joining with people you genuinely admire and like isn’t just to get networked help when needed, it’s also about forming your own small community along with like-minded souls. This is especially important for the female of the species, as like-minded women know when and how to give support.

As regards fast-tracking your career in these tricky times, a mentor can be relied upon to give guidance where it’s necessary as well as support. Career challenges are the norm for the upwardly mobile, and guidance from someone who’s been there and done that is invaluable. In the upcoming recession, you’ll need to be indispensable in order to survive, with keeping abreast with your sector’s trends one way to remain as a valued employee.

In this scary time, it’s unwise to rely financially on a single employer, as being left with no regular income isn’t fun. Starting a sideline business connected with your hobbies or using your strengths can be a welcome challenge as it takes your mind off the worst scenario. Building your own personal brand could the start of a new, exciting career, no matter where you’re based at the present time. Being unique and passionate about a new project can also help should you be forced to find a new full-time job.

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