Best countries to find work as an expat professional

Best countries to find work as an expat professional

Best countries to find work as an expat professional

If you’re excited about your prospects of becoming a successful expat professional overseas, choosing exactly the right location for your talents is essential.

Apart from upgrading your portfolio, becoming an expat in a strange land is a thrilling way to see the world and experience diverse cultures. However, some countries make it easier to follow the dream than do many others, especially at this difficult time in human history. No-one, however knowledgeable, knows how the next few years will pan out, especially given the dire warnings of recession in almost every country affected by the pandemic.

Breaking into an unfamiliar jobs market is tough, especially if you’ve no contacts in the new country. Also, countries which were thriving up until the beginning of this year may now be desperate to avoid the worst recession ever, largely due to the almost total decline of their tourism industries. Perhaps it’s best to avoid those with tourism-dependent economies, at least until a year or so from now.

If you’re qualified in an uncommon but essential specialisation, you’ll stand a better chance of fitting in wherever you land, and expat tech experts are still welcome almost anywhere. For newbies to this game, choosing a destination with a low cost of living means you’ll at least be able to exist before you find that perfect job. Also, first world countries are your best bet, as they’re far more likely to have English as a genuine second language.

Japan is one place where the above doesn’t apply, at least as far as the cost of living, as it’s an expensive option where vacant positions are always available. However, to make a mark with employers you’ll need to understand its business culture and customs. Visas involve buckets of bureaucracy and red tape, and potential employees need to make it clear nothing will be more important than the job.

If Australia appeals, a working holiday visa is a risk-free way to get to know the opposite side of the planet. These useful visas give expats a full year to do any kind of work whilst making up their minds whether to stay or go. Contacts will be needed if staying is the wish, but a year is long enough to gather a few. The country’s economic health may or may not suffer due to the pandemic, but its population is small and expats are welcome as a result.

If landing a job before making a permanent move is preferred, Canada is well worth considering. Tech is a popular sector, but real estate and communications are also good sources of employment for newly-arrived expats. However, several provinces require proficiency in French as well as English. For those in the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors, Germany is a good place to start, although it’s anyone’s guess as to the effect of the virus on its economy.

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