Choosing the best location for your new expat life

Choosing the best location for your new expat life

Choosing the best location for your new expat life

How to get from loving a location to living in it.

For many would-be expats, wanderlust sets in during or just after the holiday of their dreams, drawing them back to the same place for several years running and finally causing a sense of dissatisfaction with the home country. At that moment, another would-be expat is born, screaming to get out of the familiar and find another far more rewarding location. Some get it right first time but, for others, choosing the right country can be a nightmare.

Many would-be expats don’t consider their needs as they’re hooked into wants such as sunshine, cheap beer and the chance of meeting the love of their lives. Others research carefully before taking the plunge into a new culture, and the lucky ones get reassigned to their favourite location by their existing employers. Right now, research tends to concentrate on a particular country’s reaction to the pandemic, a possible reason why the USA isn’t at the top of the expat popularity poll right now.

In the real world, liveability depends on many personal issues including healthcare, culture, environmental issues, economic and political stability and, for those with families, education facilities. Getting one country with all the above is tricky right now, especially as many would-be expats simply want to leave the home country at any cost. Surveys help, although ignoring the economic results of any one state is wise at the present time, as no-one as yet can accurately predict the effects of the pandemic.

The surprise winner of one recent survey is Vienna, well-known for its superb architecture and clean fresh air, but also praised for its culture, education, relative stability and infrastructure. Melbourne in Australia rated second in the list for its festivals, trendy bars and excellent museums charting Oz’s relatively short history as an independent country. The Australian capital of Sydney was third, perhaps due to its stunning Opera House and fantastic New Year firework display. Seriously, it’s a great location for younger expats and those with families, but its major drawback is the expense of living there.

Japan’s second city, Osaka is a gourmet paradise as well as the traditional business hub of the entire Japanese archipelago, and Tokyo itself made it into the listings at 7th place for its fascinating mix of ancient and modern. Again, both Japanese cities are pricey, but they’re also experiences which shouldn’t be missed. For those needing the English language above all else, Canada’s Calgary is also a mix of traditional and modern, with its annual Calgary Stampede and rodeos giving the best of both as well as superb views of the Rocky Mountains.

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