Turkish response to the coronavirus wins expat praise

Turkish response to the coronavirus wins expat praise

Turkish response to the coronavirus wins expat praise

Expats living and working in Turkey are reassured by the government’s sensible and swift moves to contain coronavirus infection rates.

Whether they’re British retirees living in the country’s coastal cities or expat professionals living and working in the capital, the general feeling of all incomers seems to be the government has done the right things at the right time.
Experts believe the country’s long experience of dealing with deadly earthquakes and its past conflicts have helped it stand strong during the crisis.

Whilst Turkey isn’t as major an expat destination as Europe in general, it’s a favourite with British retirees for its coastal resorts and its capital Ankara is popular with professionals in several sectors. The speed of its government’s reaction to the coronavirus threat as well as its strong healthcare network have both served as a reassurance to its foreign communities as well as its citizens.

A recently interviewed spokesperson for the foreign community told reporters the initial reaction to the virus of closing entertainment venues and restaurants, instigating remote working and shutting schools at the same time as calculating the economic costs of staying safe was exemplary as well as giving the expat community a much-needed sense of security. He added the country was lucky in that the virus had arrived later than in other nearby countries, thus giving the government time to instigate an effective battle plan.

In particular, it gave the healthcare sector time to prepare for an influx of patients as well as offering free face masks to every resident via pharmacies or by post. Expats also appreciate the fact that testing, diagnosis and treatment for the infection is offered free of charge to every resident including expats.

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