Is living like a local the new expat strategy?

Is living like a local the new expat strategy?

Is living like a local the new expat strategy?

Living like a local after relocating overseas is the best way to get the most out of becoming an expat.

Whether you’re looking forward to an early retirement, travelling for the sheer joy of it or wanting to experience a new lifestyle, living like a local is the way to go. For those not wanting to live out of a suitcase whilst sampling several different destinations, there are ways to make life as an expat overseas more comfortable as well as more affordable.

For the wealthy, travel companies provide five-star luxury as regards accommodation, travel and the entire experience of living overseas, but for the average expat the do-it-yourself option is now more affordable than it’s ever been. As regards rentals, Airbnb is a blessing and is now a favourite way to rent in comfort for the short term without breaking the bank. House-sitting is another option and often includes take care of the family dogs whilst their owners go on a cruise!

For inveterate travellers who’re more comfortable overseas than they are in their home countries, finding and renting an inexpensive apartment on a year-round basis allows for a number of visits, during which time a decision can be made as to whether the choice is right for a long-term relocation. It’s sensible to choose an apartment close to amenities such as shops, local markets, restaurants and healthcare options, as owning a car isn’t always practical during a short-term stay.

Living like a local helps would-be long-term expats decide on the right destination for retirement or even starting an overseas business. It’s also a good way to immerse yourself in the local culture and make friends outside the existing expat community, many of which seem nowadays to be peopled by expatriates with money to burn. Nowadays, cultural awareness whilst living overseas is necessary rather than just advisable, especially for those looking for a permanent base a good distance from the home country.

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