Pros and cons of buying your very own French castle

Pros and cons of buying your very own French castle

Pros and cons of buying your very own French castle

If you’re dreaming about buying a dilapidated castle in France, checking what you’re letting yourself in for is advised!

Brick for brick, castles in France cost less than a three-bedroomed house in, say, Luxembourg, and are far more charming and historic. Leaving aside little details such as the cost of central heating, it’s quite possible to become the expat king or queen of your very own French castle. Buying into a slice of an historic château can cost as little as £60,000 up to £100,000, whilst an entire medieval home including battlements can be far cheaper than a detached house in a popular London suburb.

Buying part of a shared chateau is a good idea, as shared renovations and decorating costs related to buying a section of the property are obviously far cheaper than buying and fixing up an entire building, especially as you’re probably looking at more expensive, traditional materials. Each owner of the remaining sections will contribute to the full costs, including the upkeep of ramparts, courtyards and common areas. Those tempted into buying an entire chateau and its outbuildings and land are taking on the project of a lifetime both as regards expense and time taken.

If you’re not yet deterred from realising your dream, the most affordable French castles are found hidden in less populated areas far away from the coastal tourism regions. These rural locales are bursting with olde-worlde charm and feature clean country air, a cooler climate and a more basic lifestyle. Obviously, near-ruined chateaux are the cheapest, with renovations taking many years and shortage of the correct materials an ongoing issue, but they’re a real opportunity for investing entrepreneurs who’re able to work remotely.

Deciding on your eventual plans for your very own castle is essential, as it gives the motivation to carry on when the going gets tough. For some expats it’s simply an obsessive hobby, and for others the final result is used as a business venture connected with the hospitality trade. Either way, building in upkeep costs to any future business plan is important, as castles don’t just need restoration and conservation, they also need frequent maintenance.

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