ICT job seekers should head for the Czech Republic

ICT job seekers should head for the Czech Republic

ICT job seekers should head for the Czech Republic

Expat specialists looking for jobs in the information and communication technology sector should head for the Czech Republic.

Top ICT companies in the Czech Republic are in difficulties as regards finding enough expat tech specialists to fill vacant ICT jobs. Some 80 per cent of companies looking for applicants with expertise and experience are finding it very difficult to fill much-needed positions, second only to Romania where the situation is even worse.

The republic has one of the EU’s lowest unemployment rates, resulting in the labour market’s being competitive, even for positions in specific tech sectors. Even so, the high demand for qualified IT talent has outpaced the local market and forced employees to turn to employing expat tech workers. One point in its favour is that the state regularly scores high on surveys identifying the best world destinations for expat professionals as well as for tourists.

As regards important factors for a successful transition to an overseas job, the Republic came second best after Vietnam in a recent Expat Insider survey. Factors for its popularity included job satisfaction, career prospects, a stable economy and job security. Leisure opportunities were also well rated, as were working hours as compared with leisure time.

Overall quality of life, ease of settling in, environmental issues, the cost of living and reliable, affordable medical care also featured strongly in the Republic’s survey results. Given the above, the shortage of major expat tech talent in the ICT sector seems surprising, especially as Prague is rated as a popular location overall for new expat arrivals.

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