Which favourite retirement destinations offer the best expat discounts?

Which favourite retirement destinations offer the best expat discounts?

Which favourite retirement destinations offer the best expat discounts?

If you’re dreaming of retiring outside your home country, where’s the best location?

Chances are that you’re looking for warm, year-round weather, a lower cost of living, a less stressful lifestyle and a destination where older expats are respected and befriended by the local community. A combination of these isn’t impossible to find, and many popular destinations are now doing a great deal more in order to attract expat retirees, both from the USA and from other world countries.

Many countries treat older people with respect as proscribed by their cultures, and this can expand into discounts on entertainment, services and public transport. Others go a step further and include useful tax breaks, less convoluted visa and residency requirements and lower prices for essential services such as electricity. Just one regular survey is all you need for researching the differences between destinations.

Already a favourite with expatriates from the USA, Panama is well worth considering, no matter whichever country you now call home. The state’s Pensionado programme is open to retirees from across the world and includes discounts on everything from medical expenses through flights, energy bills, hotel stays and much more. Qualifying ages are 55 for females and 60 for men, with the discounts kicking in automatically and confirmed by the country’s residency card.

Ecuador is another welcoming destination for retirees, with new expats arrivals’ rights exactly the same as those of citizens. Guaranteed by the constitution are protections and varied rights including tax exemptions on municipal provisions, preferential care in the case of emergencies or disasters, specialised care for expat residents with degenerative or chronic diseases and more. New arrivals need to be 65 years of older to qualify. Discounts of up to 50 per cent are also given on buses and flights, sales tax reimbursement is 12 per cent and 50 per cent off utility bills all come as standard.

For retirees who’ve chosen Costa Rica, discounts are also one of the main attractions for expat residents aged 65 years or more. The Golden Citizen card gives preferential treatment in everyday life, including a range of discounts, free public bus travel and other cultural aspects of being older in this friendly community. All three countries are blessed with warm to hot climates, natural beauty and the lure of beaches and azure blue seas.

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