Demographic analysis helps expats make the best choice of location

Demographic analysis helps expats make the best choice of location

Demographic analysis helps expats make the best choice of location

Estonia means different advantages for millennial expats than for other groups in the genre.

Regular annual surveys identifying the best destinations for expat relocation have been guiding the slightly confused for over a decade, but today’s versions are now dividing expats themselves into various demographic sectors according to age and qualifications. The arrival of millennials in the equation recently prompted one survey to rate Estonia as 23rd favourite at the same time as the New York Times announced the country was second in the entire world for millennials. For those who truly need to know, Argentina took the top spot.

Perhaps because of the New York Times’ reputation, its own survey makes interesting reading simply because it points out that different expat demographics strongly affect the choice of relocation destination. For example, whilst Argentina was millennials’ favourite home from home, Nigeria came out tops for expat professionals, expats with families in tow preferred Finland and US retirees headed for Ecuador.

Taking a look at InterNation’s 2019 study whilst bearing in mind it’s not demographically based, today’s favourite expat destinations are Taiwan, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico and Spain. As Taiwan is mostly attractive for expat professionals and Vietnam is an up and coming location for the millennial versions of the same set as well as English teachers, surely Portugal and Spain are simply hubs for British expat retirees and Mexico is packed solid with US citizens fleeing Trumpland.

As regards the above, surely it’s time for the authors of all surveys to define demographics as a major tool for those intending to get the emigration dilemma right first time around rather than arriving and finding the dream destination is a nightmare. Moving one’s lock, stock and barrels to a strange land is bad enough, but realising you’ve hit on the wrong location is ten times worse.

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