Chapala and its charms could be the answer for Brit retirees

Chapala and its charms could be the answer for Brit retirees

Chapala and its charms could be the answer for Brit retirees

British expats could well consider Mexico as the perfect retirement destination.

Perennially popular with expat retirees from the USA due to its short flight times back to the home country, Mexico also has a lot to offer for expats from Europe and especially the UK. Low on stress and costs and high on community, activities and great weather, one of the country’s all-time favourites is Lake Chapala with its friendly expat groups and plethora of social activities.

Chapala lies in Mexico’s Jalisco state and is set amongst natural beauty as well as being home to local villages with cobblestone streets and small-town laid-back cultures. Guadalajara is the closest international airport, linking to most main USA terminals with onward connections to the UK. One of the main reasons for Brits leaving the home country is its worsening weather now featuring regular floods, storms and freezing cold spells.

The climate in Chapala is perfect for those still looking for seasons rather than all-year round heat. Here, it’s hot from April to July and mild for the remainder of the year, with rain normally falling at night and daily sunshine the norm. Property is relatively inexpensive and utility costs average around £60 per month, with homes costing around £66,000. Private health insurance is reasonably priced, with emergencies and serious issues best dealt with in Guadalajara just a 45 minute drive away.

The major attraction for expats in Chapala is its welcoming, active, 2,000-strong international community, offering a huge choice of social activities including twice-monthly meets as well as volunteer opportunities and a Country Club with a golf course. Affordable restaurants serve delicious Mexican cuisine and local markets sell local produce at great prices. All told, Chapala is a picture-perfect expat retiree destination for those willing to experience a new, fascinating lifestyle.

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