Finding the best location for expat entrepreneurial tech startups

Finding the best location for expat entrepreneurial tech startups

Finding the best location for expat entrepreneurial tech startups

Necessities ensuring a successful expat startup need to be identified before the move overseas takes place.

The factors which ensure a successful expatriate startup are many and include personal qualities such as motivation, determination and innovation as well as the idea itself. As regards the rest, easy access to investments, incubator and accelerator support as well as a well-developed infrastructure are also necessary, and governmental support as well as tax breaks help new expat entrepreneurs realise their dreams. Given that increasing number of countries offer all or most of the above, choosing the right one is an individual decision hopefully not made in a hurry.

One favourite nowadays is Japan, itself as innovative as any country could possibly become, even although its world reputation is slanted towards risk-averse and conservative thinking. Nowadays, this mindset is fading fast and being replaced with a growing global startup ecosystem known as J-Startup, which is aiming to have 20 listed companies by 2023.

Back in the West, Germany is inviting English-speaking entrepreneurs to take advantage of its favourable financial deals and transparent business culture. Looking to attract expat entrepreneurs from across the world, its startup companies are being backed by global investors experienced in nurturing top talent in a number of sectors. The USA’s startup culture is mature and is still attracting business funding at a good rate. Its global connections, tech expertise, infrastructure and past experience make it a place where ideas can easily become reality.

Startup opportunities in Switzerland might come as a surprise for entrepreneurs who thought the tiny country was a closed shop as regards finance. In fact, it’s proud of its long history of R&D investment. Right now, blockchain and cryptocurrency startups are the thing in the Swiss city of Zug, known otherwise as Crypto Valley. As regards the UK, not everything is falling apart due to Brexit, as its startup scene is well-funded and based on tech. Global connections, tech-qualified workers and a good legal framework all advantages, as is its English-speaking population.

For would-be expats keen on heading to Asia, Singapore is startup paradise, according to those who’ve been there and done that. The island’s government gives positive support including innovative policies as well as generous subsidies. The startup community is well-developed and features a good number of incubators and accelerators as well as over 150 venture capital investors. South Korea is famous for its tech startup sector’s growth over the past few years, aided by its skilled labour force and workers’ tech expertise. Innovation is the name of its game, as LG and Samsung found out during their early days!

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