Affordable Europe for determined expatriates

Affordable Europe for determined expatriates

Affordable Europe for determined expatriates

Although many would-be expat retirees are moving away from Europe due to rising costs of living, those who’ve been sensible savers can easily afford to choose one of the continent’s stunning cities.

Whether you’re emigrating for work or for retirement, choosing the right location which meets your financial needs is crucial to the success of the move. Nowadays, Europe as a whole has a reputation of being less than affordable as regards lifestyle and accommodation, but a careful search will reveal options which might be exactly what’s needed.

The Polish city of Gdansk is a good example, in that wages may be slightly lower than in other more mainstream European hubs, but costs are less, especially for accommodation. It’s also charming, historic and very musical, giving a great combination of traditional and modern. The architectural splendour of Seville demonstrates its fascinating history as well as being the heart of the country’s proud culture. It’s more peaceful than Madrid or Barcelona and the cost of living is half that of London.

Valencia is as stunning as Seville and has a unique atmosphere as well as great weather for most of the year. It’s popular with tourists during the summer months, but for the rest of the year it belongs to its people. If an already set up but slightly alternative expat community is a necessity, Tallin is the place. The city is a riot of colour, with every house a different shade than its neighbours and its nightlife concentrated in the many quaint bars in the city centre.

Cologne has a reputation with experienced expats of being super-friendly, with happiness the major concern. Its affordability is unquestionable and many inhabitants speak English. The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is considered to be slightly pricey, with Porto more suitable for lower incomes, but both destinations are, of course, far cheaper than London, Paris and New York.

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